🤷What is Presentation Room?

On-Premises Solution for Seamless, Engaging Presentations

Designed for business meetings and boardrooms, this tool is all about enhancing your presentation experience while keeping things simple. Think of it as your personalized instrument for organizing streamlined meetings and engaging audiences.

You can use Presentation Room for:

  • Boardroom discussions where every detail matters

  • Business meetings to impress clients and close deals

  • Any other scenarios where you need to present and collaborate effectively

Our solution is made up of two key components: a client app available for iOS and Mac Silicon, which you can download for free from the App Store, and a presentation server that can be set up on-premise.

The server can operate within your closed corporate network or, as many of our clients prefer, on a separate Wi-Fi network dedicated solely to Presentation Room. This network typically includes iPads, Apple TVs, and the MacBook running the server. No internet connection is necessary for this configuration to work.

The platform is quick to deploy and offers remarkable versatility. You can set up a cutting-edge meeting room from scratch, extend an existing conference room, or even run on-the-go presentations in the field (just bring a big case, wink). Plus, you can rest easy knowing that all your corporate data stays private and secure.

Want to try a free demo server? Just email us at mail@rapport.tech to get started.

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