Connecting to the Presentation

Joining a Presentation Room meeting couldn't be easier. As a Participant, all you need to do is launch the app and tap the Join button. The app will automatically detect the Organizer's device on the same Wi-Fi network and connect you to its public shared Common Group. From there, all the necessary documents will sync to your device, ensuring you're ready for the presentation.

The auto-join feature relies on the Bonjour protocol, which most Wi-Fi networks support. However, in rare cases, strong corporate network policies might prevent it from working. If your device doesn't automatically find the presentation, there's a Plan B: you can join by scanning a QR code provided by the Organizer.

Once you've successfully joined and synced your device, you're all set to go. You'll simply wait for the Organizer to assign a Presenter. When the presentation is opened by the host, it will simultaneously open on your device, keeping everyone on the same page.

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