Lead Your Presentation with Ease

When you're selected as the Presenter by the Organizer, you're in charge. As you open the document, it will automatically appear on everyone else's screens. You'll have control to scroll through slides, zoom in and out, use a laser pointer, and make annotations for all to see.

This is more than just a tool for showing slides; the real value here is in the Presenter-Listener connection. It's a new format for live, trust-based presentations. With this product, we conduct corporate training sessions with voting, receiving both results and positive feedback.

Let's recap:

Get three devices ready — one for the Organizer, Participant, and Presenter.

  1. Organizer: Adds the presentation document and selects a Presenter.

  2. Participants: Join and sync up.

  3. Presenter: Opens the document, which shows on all devices at the same time.

With these steps, you're well-equipped to run a seamless, synchronized presentation. Other features can enhance your experience, but this is the heart of it. Simple as that, you're presentation-ready!

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