🌠Quick Start Guide

Before diving in, let's clarify the key functions of the app.

The application includes three main roles:

  • Organizer: Sets up the meeting, adds documents, selects the presenter, and initiates voting and polls.

  • Participant: Participants are audience members who actively engage with the presentation.

  • Presenter: A participant chosen by the Organizer to lead the presentation.

To fully utilize the app, you'll need at least three devices — three iPads or two iPads and a Mac with Apple Silicon, one for each role.

To get a quick feel for the Presentation Room app, simply download it from the App Store onto your iPads or Mac (for the Organizer role) and launch it.

For a quick demo, the application uses our cloud server (presentation.rapport.tech) by default. This allows you to experience the app's features without any initial setup.

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